Dillybag (Resources)

The Gwandalan Dillybag – Tools and resources to support the delivery of culturally responsive palliative care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

The Gwandalan Dillybag is an applied and interactive resource designed to support frontline staff to strengthen their relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to increase both access to and the quality of palliative care service delivery. It is a part of the Gwandalan education suite, and is brought to you by the AGPAL National Palliative Care Project, supported by funding from the Australian Government.

This toolkit is designed to be used by frontline staff and we recognise it may be used at point of care as resources are needed.

Some of the tools and resources are new, a part of the Gwandalan Project, some are adapted in collaboration with other projects and programs, and some you will recognise as existing, well regarded tools that have been used by frontline staff for many years.

When you first come across the Gwandalan Dillybag, we recommend you take a moment to look through all of the tools and resources so you are familiar with what’s available.

The Gwandalan Dillybag is due for release in late 2021 – Register for training or subscribe for updates to be kept informed of all Gwandalan releases.