Project Artwork

The Gwandalan project artwork ‘Lagija’ was created by Ryhia Dank, a contemporary Aboriginal artist who grew up in a remote community in the Northern Territory and now lives in modern Australia.


‘Lagija’ – Coolamon in Gudanji/Wambaya language


Artist’s Statement

I named this piece Lagija as to me it means more than a tool we use to hold and carry things. To me when I think of a lagija I think of home and ceremony, I think of its strength, durability and knowledge that passes down to the next generation.

This artwork shows people below in their communities sitting around the fire telling stories of journeys and creation. It shows our spirits above holding a coolamon with a sun and Dhari ready to guide us. When we are ready to go they will look after us on our journey home.

The colourful background is the happiness we feel, once we are home we are with our ceremony, lore, language, land and with our family.